Pornósztár Party 3.
The Wedding of Pirner Alma

mobile phone signal booster
Pornósztár Party 3.

Sztárok Neglizsében
Stars dressed in almost nothing

Hustler-Keyo Party Balatonszabadiban
Hustler-Keyo Party

Private Dance Party
Private Dance Party - Nikki Rider

AVN Awards 2006 - the Show
AVN Awards 2006 - Red Carpet Ceremony
AVN Adult Entertainment Expo - Day 3
AVN Adult Entertainment Expo - Day 2
AVN Adult Entertainment Expo - Day 1

The Making of Michael Ninn's Catherine

Pornstar Party

Mandy Bright Behind the Scenes

Budapest Erotic Expo 2005

Életbe rajzolva forgatás
Életbe rajzolva forgatás
Take On Me - Behind the Scenes

Pierre Woodman's Sex City
Pierre's Sex City

Pécsi Szépség és Erotic Expo 2005
Pécsi Szépség és Erotic Expo 2005
Pécsi Szépség és Erotic Expo 2005
Erotic Expo Pécs 2005

Gonosz Nővér Forgatás
The Making of Evil Nurse

Budapest Parádé 2005
Budapest Parade 2005

Szexkorona 2005 Díjátadó
Hungarian Sex Crown Awards

Making of the AVN Cover
Making of the AVN Cover

Machomedia Soft: Booth chicks!

Striptease Compo & Porn Oscar
Preview of a Striptease Compo
Striptease Championship

Bratislava Erotic Expo report
Pozsonyi Erotika Kiállítás

Beograd Hot-Fair Day 3.
Beograd Hot-Fair Day 2.
Beograd Hot-Fair Day 1.
The First International Porn Awards in Beograd, Hot-Fair
Beograd, Hot-Fair

Portugal Adventure

Portugal Adventure
Portugal Adventure

Eroticon Szeged Extra Gallery
Eroticon Szeged 3. nap
Eroticon Szeged 2. nap
Eroticon Szeged 1. nap
Eroticon 2005 Szeged

Momo - egy japán ügynök Magyarországon
No Digital Mosaic

Gyulai forgatás
Gyulai forgatás
On the Set Report

2005.04.09. Even more naked Chicks!!
2005.03.26. Naked Chicks on Stage - Sex Action koncert
2005.02.20. Viv Thomas Filming for Mayfair 3.
2005.02.20 Viv Thomas Filming for Mayfair 2.
2005.02.20. Viv Thomas Shooting for Mayfair 1.
2005.03.12. Bucuresti Eros Show
2005.02.17. Greg Centauro Shooting
2005.02.19. Home 69 Party
2005.01.15. Viv Thomas Shooting 'All About Eve' Backstage Pictorials
2005.01.15. Viv Thomas Shooting 'All About Eve' 2.
2005.01.15. Viv Thomas Shooting Babyface
2005.01.12. Victoria Swinger Shooting
2005.01.08. Victoria Swinger Shooting 2.
2005.01.08. Victoria Swinger Shooting 3.
2004.12.29. Naked Chicks on Stage
2004.12.06. Mikulás galéria
2004.10.16. Pornstars on a fashion show
2004.09.26. Budapesti Erotika Kiállítás 2004. - Day 3.
2004.09.25. Katsumi Special
2004.09.25. Budapesti Erotika Kiállítás 2004. - Day 2.
2004.09.24. Budapesti Erotika Kiállítás 2004. - Day 1.
2004.09.04. forgatás
2004.09.04. III. Magyar Szexkorona Díjátadó Gála / Hungarian Porn Oscar
2004.08.28. Budapest Parade 2004
2004.07.28. - LUXx Video / Black Widow Day 1.
2004.07.29. - LUXx Video / Black Widow Day 2.
2004.07.30. - LUXx Video / Black Widow Day 3.
2004. 06. 19. - Szépség és Erotic Expo Pécs - Day 1
2004. 06. 19. -Szépség és Erotic Expo Pécs - Day 2
2004. 05. 20. - Mike Foster
2004. 04. 24. - Dreamblondine backstage
2004. 04. 25. - Eroticon 2004, Szeged, Day 2.
2004. 04. 24. - Eroticon 2004, Szeged, Day 3.
2004. 03. 11. - Engagement of Niki Belucci
2004. 03. 03. - Dancers of Club Seven - part III.
2004. 02. 26. - Dancers of Club Seven - part II.
2004. 02. 18. - Dancers of Club Seven - part I.
2004. 02. 14. - Michelle Wild
2004. 02. 14. - Pocahontas Melinda - fekete angyal
2003. 12. 18. - Striptease verseny Clubbohemian Alibi
2003. 10. 29. - PAN-magazin szülinapi party
2003. 09. 28. - Budapesti Erotika Kiállítás 2003
2003. 08. 24. - Budapest Pina Parádé
2003. 05. 18 - Tuning & Stereo Kiállítás
2003. 03. 09. - Mészáros Dóri a motorkiállításon
2002. 12. 12. - Penthouse party a Közgáz pincében
2002. 06. 27. - EST FM
2002. 06. 24. - Luppa-sziget
2002. 04. 24. - Álló dákók merednek
2002. 03. 27. - Szerdai photosession
2002. 03. 12. - Monique report

"Porn Industry Again at the Tech Forefront"

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Vivid FoundersThe world of media professionals were stirred up by the article in Los Angeles Times featuring Vivid Entertainment Group and its endeavor that they will start selling burnable movies through online movie service CinemaNow.

The basic challenge for both adult and mainstream companies is how to deliver content securely and reliably to the various devices (DVD, cable tv, internet, mobile network). It will not be the first time when porn industy was a step ahead of Hollywood in adopting new technologies - remember home video in the 1970s? Internet had been always very handy for porn, it solved two challenges: distribution and privacy. It had been so for Vivid. "Three years ago, DVDs were responsible for 90% of our income," said Vivid's Steven Hirsch, who founded the company in 1985 with David James. "This year, it will account for 30% of our sales." According to researchers most people still want to watch movies on television, this gap is filled by this new technology.

At the start they will offer 30 downloadable videos for about $19.95 that include everything like cover art, scene navigation, bonus materials. The finished disc will be copy-protected. Of course nobody knows if this will be a revolution again on the market, but everybody pays serious attention to this move.

Porn Industry Again at the Tech Forefront - Los Angeles Times

GoldenGate Home-Made Video Competition for Amateurs

Gergő - 2006. April 20., 13:25 - Post your comment! 0 comments so far

GoldenGate video is very successful in this amateur community-building. Their newest feature is the amateur video competition, for which 11 excellent applications were submitted of pure homegrown sex footages. The best of these cumsucking/fucking/licking applicants will be chosen by the visitors' votes. You can go there, download everything for free, but you can only vote with a VIP account.

Maybe these brave ladies and gentlemen will not be the Pierre Woodmans and Jenna Jamesons of the future, but they show a lot of enthusiasm towards what they do. Inevitably the very honest cumswallowings - missing completely from mainstream porn - can only be found among these guaranteed amateur materials. video competition

Attali in Flyerz Magazine

Gergő - 2006. April 19., 23:46 - Post your comment! 0 comments so far

One of our beloved princesses of the Hungarian porn make-up artist league, Attali proved many times that she cannot stay in her profession. The world of fashion touched her long ago so deeply that she cannot help submitting herself again and again. Last time she was seen in a free magazine called Flyerz with a well-dressed gentleman.
Is it a message that she's got a new boyfriend? :)

Attali in Flyerzben

Adultcon 10 in Pictures

Gergő - 2006. April 15., 20:35 - Post your comment! 2 comments so far

Courtney Simpson former CheerleaderI know I'm a little bit slow in news... Adultcon 10 Los Angeles was held in March 25-26 in L.A. Convention Center. Some pictures from Freepornstarpix:

Adultcon 10 Day 1
Adultcon 10 Day 2

Official Adultcon webpage:

Next date: September 23-24, L.A. again

Hegre at 6000pixels

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Funny promopic:


According to this promo ad is the first site on the net that offers all the pores, hairs, spots, blemishes and hair roots of models at 6000 pixels.

Adult Online Europe, Berlin
2006 April 24-26

Gergő - 2006. April 11., 22:18 - Post your comment! 0 comments so far

AOEEurope is enjoying increased broadband penetration, a flourishing mobile market, and new and innovative billing solutions. Adult Online Europe (AOE) Expo covers all of these areas with three days of in-depth conferences, seminars, workshops, exhibition, and of course networking, which is set to Berlin, Germany this year in conjunction with World Telemedia (focuses on the mainstream premium content value chain). AOE enables you to meet, do business with and learn from the leading European companies.

Analysts say the trend has reversed, formerly European adult industry has been breaking into the USA market for some time, but now the American industry is trying to break into Europe. Here in Europe we have 33.5 million broadband subscribers, about 20% of all homes. Reports suggest that this figure will rise to around 41% by 2008. On top of this, Europe is unaffected by much of the legislation currently troubling the US market. Juniper Research have suggested that Adult content on mobile telephones and other portable devices is anticipated to hit $1 billion in worldwide revenues during 2005, the majority from Europe and the Asia-Pacific regions. By 2009 the world mobile porn market could well hit $2.1 billion.

"Sisters" - The uncut version is released

Gergő - 2006. March 29., 22:08 - Post your comment! 0 comments so far

Sisters"Sisters" - The uncut version starring Jo & Kylie was recently released by Viv Thomas. Did you know that this film was banned in England by the "British Board of Film Control" that's why you can order it exclusively online? Welcome to the internet revolution!

Sisters available at Online Shop

Viv Thomas Starlet for the year 2005: Peaches

Gergő - 2006. March 27., 11:29 - Post your comment! 11 comments so far

The VivThomas Starlet Contest has come to an end after 40 days of voting and Peaches is the great winner. Congratulations little Peaches!*
*in fact Peaches is actually taller than me

Peaches - Viv Thomas Starlet for the year 2005

VivThomas Starlet Contest Final

Gergő - 2006. March 20., 23:59 - Post your comment! 0 comments so far

The VivThomas Forum welcomes you to the FINAL round for the VivThomas Starlet Contest!
As you can see, they have the first 5 models who qualified to the FINAL. Sandra Shine, Sophie Moone, Jo, Eve Angel and Peaches. The voting stops after 10 days, on March 25 at 23:59 forum GMT time.

Cast your votes now for VivThomas' Starlet
Please note that forum registration is required in order to be able to vote!

Vote for VivThomas' Starlet

Gergő - 2006. February 26., 20:53 - Post your comment! 1 comments so far

As you may have noticed the banner in the header we are encouraging you to participate in a poll for the Starlet among the models of Viv Thomas. After the fans choose their best girl a special award will be given to the winner.

The contest will have 3 rounds:

1. Vote for your best from the 15 most active and famous VivThomas models.
2. The 5 first models will qualify to the next voting round.
3. The final round will have 3 models. The first one takes the award.

The first round of voting will expire on 5th of March.
The second one will expire on 15th of March.
The final winning round between the three will last for 10 days.
The result will be announced on 26th of March at 00:00.

Cast your votes now for VivThomas' Starlet
Please note that forum registration is required in order to be able to vote!

Lot of Awards for Hungarians at Riga Erots

Gergő - 2006. February 24., 10:06 - Post your comment! 1 comments so far

Lot of Awards for Hungarians at Riga ErotsHungarians has won a lot of awards at the Erots festival, Riga last weekend. Last year was also very promising for Hungarian starlets, the Baltic people loved the products of the Hungarian adult industry very much. This year's winners are:

Star of Erots 2006, Best Actress 2006: Mya Diamond
Star of Erots 2006, Best Actor 2006: Lauro Giotto
Star of Erots 2006: Nikki Rider
Best Director 2006: Kovi

Our stars have made a lot of shows and performances on the stages during the festival to earn the many "Stars of Erots" titles.

riga3.jpgLauro Giotto has celebrated his birthday during the festival so the Hungarian agent, Swingerpapa organized a surprise celebration with the girls which interrupted Lauro's show at the stage. As Victoria Swinger has reported in her blog: "Lauro was completely floored and together with Mya [Diamond] we gave him a cake singing Happy Birthday...".

Congratulations for everyone!

Brussels Erotica 2006 - Erotic Trophies

Gergő - 2006. February 23., 09:39 - Post your comment! 0 comments so far

Erotic Trophies 2006

8 time European award-winning director Dennis Black Magic (Belgium), president of Black Magic Media Group has won 2 more statues last weekend at Brussels Erotica 2006. Dennis became Best European Director and his movie, Perfection : Starring Silvia Saint became Best European Movie at the European Erotic Trophies 2006. Congratulations!

Update: you can find the complete list of winners at the festival's website.

Rocco in a Snack Ad

Gergő - 2006. February 17., 23:11 - Post your comment! 0 comments so far

RoccoThe famous Italian porn actor and director Rocco Siffredi advertises potato chips. Nothing unusual, porn has already became mainstream long ago. The tagline says "trust the man who tried them all". Well I would surely believe it if they were talking about pussies. Anyway I love that cut when that swinging girl eats from his hand, it must have been several takes to capture it so perfectly.

View the clip online

Send Valentine's Day Postcard with Sophie Moone

Gergő - 2006. February 14., 02:15 - Post your comment! 0 comments so far

www.sweetsophiemoone.comYes! Sophie Moone is the newest Hungarian eurobabe whose very own fansite ( has just opened it's gateways these days. As part of the introduction to her site now you can create a politically correct greeting card with your favourite Valentine's present and send it to your lover or friends! If she's a woman send a virtual V-lick or let him be male so you can send a virtual blowjob, or you can just mix them up, to make things even nastier!

>> Send Valentine's Day Postcard with Sophie Moone

Sandra Shine's got her Pussy Pierced!

Gergő - 2006. February 13., 20:32 - Post your comment! 0 comments so far

Sandra's Pierced Pussy"I think it is super sexy !!!" - says Sandra Shine, about her new vertical hood piercing. The 2 times Penthouse Pet is into body modding again after getting rid of her inner labia ring years ago... Since I love these artifacts I say Congratulations! (I would like to point out that this piercing is the only artificial thing in her body, not counting her tattoo)

Read about her piercing and other interesting stuff in:
Sandra Shine's Diary

Lauro Giotto became European Best Actor in Brussels

Gergő - 2006. February 8., 02:17 - Post your comment! 2 comments so far

Awards du X

Lauro GiottoOne of the most employed porn actors of our nation Lauro Giotto has won the Best Actor statue in the Hungarian league at Brussels Awards du X ceremony. Our congratulations for the award and for representing the Hungarian porn scene in Brussels. The statue was given to him at the 14. Festival International De L'Erotisme 2006 which was held in the Belgian capital (and which is not the same as the previously mentioned Brussels Erotica - Salon International Erotisme Bruxelles which is really scheduled to the end of next week)

We can take a look at the gallery about the event on Lauro Giotto's homepage:

PS: At the end of the series, check out the spontaneous naked flexible performance of the American Ayla Mia with that champagne bucket cooling that Pierre Moulin Sauvignon Blanc label.

Ayla Mia

Brussels Erotica 2006 International Fair - Feb. 17-18-19

Gergő - 2006. February 6., 02:50 - Post your comment! 1 comments so far

Brussels Erotica 2006Brussels Erotica will be held in the Belgian capital this year again at the area of Brussels Kart Expo by the end of next week. Guest stars will be the French Helena Karel, the Dutch Bobbi Eden and also the Belgian sexy tv-star: Joyce Van Himmen.

The prize-giving ceremony will be held on Saturday 18th at 22h. Also during the exhibition there will be an amateur striptease and the "Miss Belgian Nude" competitions.

There are two Hungarians nominated for the European Erotics Trophies:

Hungarian nominnees - Brigitte Bui and Sarah JamesBest Adult Charm Model:
Brigitte Bui
Best European Starlet:
Sarah James or

Denis Black Magic - Perfection : Pure PassionEight time European award-winning Belgian director Dennis Black Magic who is the president of Black Magic Media Group is nominated again for Best Director. One of Denis' movie Perfection : Pure Passion with adult legend Silvia Saint in a new scene and Angel Dark is nominated as Best Film.

I was delighted to see Mr. Petter Hegre to be nominated for "Best Charm Photographer" and his Ukrainian model wife, Luba Shumeyko nominated for "Best Adult Charm Model" (althought I'm not quite sure about what "charm" means in the English used by the Belgians. Something like "soft-erotic" maybe?).

2005 Empire Awards

Gergő - 2006. February 4., 13:26 - Post your comment! 0 comments so far

The award-winning retail website Adult DVD Empire has annonced the 6th annual Empire Awards. Voters can start voting from now on till March 3 and there is a Viewer’s Choice Award open for public voting. It doesn't surprise me that Digital Playground’s Pirates and Wicked’s Camp Cuddly Pines Powertool Massacre got the most nominations, but I'm personally happy to see Ninn Worx's Catherine: Special Edition in the lists.

Did you know that in Camp Cuddly Pines... a Hungarian actress Rita Faltoyano played one of the four psychotic women, who fucked with Prof. Manuel Ferrara? This scene has a notably well-performed cumshot at the end, Manuel shares four very balanced loads between the four faces in order and then in reverse order also!

SiDoes Las Vegas

Gergő - 2006. February 1., 17:46 - Post your comment! 1 comments so far

SiDoes Las VegasThere is a guy called Si, who is a hyperactive partyphotographer/photoblogger. He just put 11 pictures to his website from the AVN convention, Las Vegas, but these are huuuge compositioned images stacked with all the important pornstars with great captions (which is really helpful in IDing the girls). Si is a very talented hell of a guy, could be an award-winning machomedia hot shot. My AVN galleries are boring compared to his work! Hands down.

SiDoes Las Vegas!
Be sure to spot all those illegal vertical smiles among the pictures, which I did miss.
All galleries of Si

Booth Babes Banned from E3 :(

Gergő - 2006. February 1., 11:53 - Post your comment! 0 comments so far

New rules explain why you won't have a chance to see hot booth babes like them at this year's E3.

"Computer geeks and video game nerds will have one fewer place to see hot, young women after the organizers of the Electronics Entertainment Expo, better known as E3, banned scantily clad models from the show." - Booth Babes Banned at Video Game Convention (

Private Dance Party at E-Klub
Featuring Nikki Rider

Gergő - 2006. January 29., 23:26 - Post your comment! 1 comments so far

Nikki Rider

Striped pussyI would quote the most popular sentence of the movie From Dusk Till Dawn: "we got white pussy, black pussy, spanish pussy, yellow pussy, we got hot pussy, cold pussy, we got wet pussy, we got smelly pussy, we got hairy pussy..." - so what they didn't have is a striped pussy! But we have even have one of those! It all happened on a Private Dance Party last weekend. Hungarian 2005 SexCrown Newcomer of the Year Nikki Rider was introduced as the star of the scorching nightshow, who ritually painted black war stripes on her body including the habitual two strokes on her pubic mound.

Instead of watching the usual disco faces I spent long minutes in the locker of the performers so this way I had the chance to capture the moments of Nikki stretching her muscular thighs before the show. Too bad she got dressed before, not after, because there is nothing nicer than a stretching woman's spread pussy. I'm not complaining here, because the energetic dancer had actually shown me that figure on stage later.

>> Erotic Party Pictures in the Gallery

Tera had a Hungarian boyfriend

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The answer for "how can Tera Patrick speak Hungarian" came from our buddies at They made an interview with her at the last Venus Erotic Expo in Berlin and there she told this story from her past about having a relationship with a Hungarian for five years.

Mellesleg - 9. Venus Erotic Expo interviews (in Hungarian)

Tera Patrick might be of Hungarian Origin?

Gergő - 2006. January 25., 23:10 - Post your comment! 0 comments so far

Tera PatrickUnbelievable! Until now nobody has told us this information found at wikipedia! The last paragraph of the article says she speaks fluent Hungarian! We tried to figure it out from her bio: most probably it wasn't her Thai mother who taught her to speak our so difficult language, so it must have been her father - otherwise I don't know why would anyone bother learning it? Anybody should have any information regarding this matter, please share it with us.

When we took this picture of her at the 2006 AVN Awards ceremony, we didn't have this clue, otherwise we would have greeted her like: "Szia cica!"

We were wrong, Tera had a Hungarian boyfriend for 5 years, that explains everything.

Victoria Swinger: I’m back!

Gergő - 2006. January 24., 22:56 - Post your comment! 2 comments so far

I bet many of you remember, that Victroria Swinger has disappeared from the adult industry for a while after they finished the shooting of Kovi's Porn Wars. According to her post in our forum, she had "challenges" in her private life. She hasn’t worked in the last two months, but now she released some new picture sets on her official website and we are proud to be the first to present some of them. She thinks she has to bring a new style into her portfolio also besides starting up a new private life. Well, we see it in the pictures, but let's hope soon there will be some more of her in the vicinity of hard cocks also...

PS_VSMacho_11_s.jpg PS_VSMacho_06_s.jpg PS_VSMacho_09_s.jpg PS_VSMacho_14_s.jpg

AVN Adult Entertainment Expo Pictures Uploaded

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AVN Adult Entertainment Expo - Day 3.
AVN Adult Entertainment Expo - Day 2.

AVN Awards Picures UploadedMy Photos from the Red Carpet and the Show

Gergő - 2006. January 12., 23:06 - Post your comment! 2 comments so far

AVN Awards in Pictures

AVN Awards 2006 - Red Carpet Ceremony (free .zip download inside)
AVN Awards 2006 - the Show (free .zip download inside)

Obviously everybody wants to see the AVN Awards Ceremony rather than the pictures from the Expo, so I put them on first, not to make you wait for those any longer. Report is coming later. Also we are trying hard to launch our new gallery engine, so I will be able to tell the names of the pornstars in the captions.

I hope you appreciate this gallery, because I could be one of the very few selected ones who were allowed to take pictures on the Red Carpet - only 6 photoreporters were allowed (thanks to Viv Thomas, Howie and Paul Fishbaine for getting me there). I was on the floor throughout the whole night without any food or water, brandishing that borrowed camera with one of the heaviest lens (5kgs or more).

AVN Award Winners Announced

Gergő - 2006. January 8., 10:55 - Post your comment! 1 comments so far

8. January 1:00 am

AVN Awards just ended, time to download my memorycards, just quickly grabbed one for ya below.
AVN Award Winners Announced (

All the pornstars with the band Black Mercedes on stage

AVN Adult Entertainment Expo - Venetian Hotel, Las Vegas

Gergő - 2006. January 7., 11:14 - Post your comment! 16 comments so far

5. January

I can tell those 4 asians have came for the show

I have decided that maybe I have seen and shown you enough erotic exhibitions from Europe, that this year I will have to see the most important adult show of America. Fortunatey I didn't have to go alone. Teamed up with Viv Thomas, his wife and the crew we took a long way from Europe to land in the desert of Nevada.
Althought we missed the kick-off ribbon cutting ceremony, we had a great time in exploring the magnificent hotel, the Venetian which hosts the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo. The whole building is trying to resemble to Venice, the Italian city. It's not a joke, there are real water lanes and gondolas transporting people.
During the check-in I was looking at the people around the desks and I could easily tell that fifty percent of them were pornstars. You know I have a special sense trained for recognizing them. After settling down in our rooms, I went to see if there is anything left of today's happenings. As I walked towards the place people were coming from the exhibitor's hall in a heavy line. They were industry people without doubt with AVN badges in their necks, so I knew I should just stand there and the babes will automatically cross my field-of-view as the pornstars/squaremeters indicator began to grow very quickly. I met Brittney Skye and also recognized the Pinkaid couple, but most of them seemed to be tired (including myself), so I set my mind that I should rather wake up early tomorrow and continue the hunt.

At the time of AVN Expo, Las Vegas is famous of parties during the nighttime. This night we were invited to Playboy TV's party at the rooftop of another big hotel. I was so sleepy, that I had almost lost my consciousness, so that must be why I haven't seen the playmates.

>> AVN AEE - Day 1 Gallery

So I missed today's industry gathering, but fortunately 2 fellow photographers has sent me links to check it out:
AEE 2006 DAY 1 TGP from DCX by DCypher
2006 AVN EXPO Day One Courtesy of by Tara

Pornstar-looking girls coming by

The Making of Michael Ninn's Catherine
Report from Behind the Scenes

Gergő - 2006. January 6., 23:53 - Post your comment! 15 comments so far

This year several high-budget movies battle for winning the most categories at the AVN Awards: Pirates (Adam&Eve/Digital Playground): 25 nominations record!, The Devil in Miss Jones (Vivid Entertainment Group): 19 noms, Eternity (Wicked Pictures): 17, Catherine (Ninn Worx/Pure Play Media): 15, Dark Angels 2: Bloodline (New Sensations): 16, Dark Side (Red Light District Films): 16, Camp Cuddly Pines Power Tool Massacre (Wicked Pictures): 15. Three of these are fighting head-to-head to win this year's classy "Best Video Feature": Catherine, Dark Angels 2 and Pirates. These top-of-the-line adult productions have everything like a hollywood movie has, superstars in the cast, award winning directors, loud marketing campaign, nice artwork, nice packaging, costy post-production effects. But only one of these three movies, Catherine by Ninn Worx, distributed by Pure Play Media was made in our country, Hungary. And I've been there, done that, investigated everything!

Eye of CatherineIf you wanna see the end result, take a look at the official page at: of if you are interested how this movie was made, then continue reading...

As you may have read it here before, Ninn's crew was here in Budapest during last summer to film most of the scenes for Catherine (some were already done in L.A.) in a long two weeks of production with some other titles, named Fem Dolce, Diamond Girl 2 and Fragile 2.

Catherine DVD box

Audrey Hollander as CatherineWe've spent a day at this "lyceum" scene, recording the first and the last sex scenes of the movie. In the morning after applying that huge amount of white makeup on Audrey who was playing the protagonist Catherine, she had to stay all day in that fitted big black thick robe.

Believe me, what you see in this movie is purely artificial snow, just a special effect made of small wet pieces of paper. The shooting was in June, and it is at least 25 degrees Celsius (77° Fahrenheit) in Hungary in that season, so that's why you see Audrey airing her reddish and extremely durable pussy all the time (not to mention that she also loves to part her lips deliciously - which is my favourite act btw)

Audrey Hollander & Otto BauerAnd you know it was very surprising to see these two Americans among the other talents. Audrey Hollander and Otto Bauer playing the two main characters in Cathrine is a "porn-couple". They even run their own business called Mach 2 Entertainment. They were way too friendly, hospital, patient, willing to do everything and I mean it. They were not whining like "no, I don't want say anything in the backstage video". When I introduced myself as the "behind-the-scenes guy" and took the lens cap off my camera, Otto's fist was right up in Audrey's asshole. No stupid conversations, no hard moments. And they say "Thank you!" instead of "I don't wanna see myself on the Internet!". And what happens? Now both of them are nominated at the AVN Awards, "Best Actress" and "Best Actor" for their performances in Catherine. No surprise, I tell you! They knew what they were doing and why they were doing. In my opinion, being a pro means you share something of this attitude and not just asking high fees for your daily dp.

On the setI had to take this picture, wanted to show you how many people are around on the set of a high-budget production. Everybody had his or her job, nobody was just "peeping". Sometimes we might forget that porn talents have to perform a sexual act in the most diverse weather conditions in front of a whole bunch of people. To discard one's shyness is the easier thing, but keeping a hard-on, and making yourself cum for the will of the director requires much more concentration. I honestly believe that's why most of the people who work in this business are like a big family. Over the years I became some kind a part of this family and over these day I really became one of Ninn Worx Crew. It was like a big adventure for me again. These girls and guys have to be naked in front of me, sometimes without any prior contact and they must be able to perform according to my instructions. In order to get this working an immerse amount of trust is needed from both sides without even talking about it.

The final scene

The night scene which became the final one in the film was even more spectacular. Everybody and everything just turned on turbo. We had a so powerful (85000 Watts) lightning flash to tune up the mood, that it would have been enough to burn all unneccessary pubic hair even from that 5 meters-high tripod. Then on top of that a black stallion came gallopping through the whole scene. I tell you, everybody on the scene had a rush of adrenaline. And then the two guys, Mike Foster and Bruno came, to dash into Audrey's openings, while Otto was maliciously supporting her by big slaps in her face. Anyone should think those smacks were not painfully real, go and find them at the AVN and ask one for yourself. It was a hard day for everyone, we finished like 3 am at night.

>> See Catherine Behind the Scenes Picture Gallery
enjoy premium free .zip download in the first 24 hours.

The story continues with the second gallery in a few days...

AVN Nominations

Gergő - 2006. January 4., 10:24 - Post your comment! 0 comments so far

AVN AwardsThe following Hungarians or products made by Hungarians has been nominated for this year's AVN Awards. The list is not too long, but we should be proud of these few:

Best All-Girl Feature: Hell's Angels, Mercenary Pictures (directed by Mandy Bright)
Female Foreign Performer of the Year: Brigitta Bulgari
Female Foreign Performer of the Year: Mandy Bright
Female Foreign Performer of the Year: Rita Faltoyano
Male Foreign Performer of the Year: Frank Gun

Best Sex Scene in a Foreign-Shot Production: Ass Obsessed 3, Erik Everhard Entertainment/Red Light District, Angelina Crow, Erik Everhard, Steve Holmes & Robert Rosenberg (This is that scandalous scene shot at Heroes' Square)
Best Sex Scene in a Foreign-Shot Production:: Crack Her Jack 3, John Leslie/Evil Angel, Nicol, Judy White & Frank Major

Martin del Toro, alias Márton CsabaThe following nominated movies are published by a Hungarian producer, Gábor Szabó, who lives in America. His best cameraman/director is Martin del Toro, who is also Hungarian (actually an ex-boyfriend of a Hungarian celebrity and a celebrity himself):

Best Oral-Themed Feature: Come On Baby Bite My Wire, Heatwave Raw
Best Specialty Release - MILF: MILTF 14 Heatwave Entertainment
Best Specialty Release - MILF: Trailer Trash Moms, Heatwave Entertainment
Best Music: Pimpin' Nation 2, Onyxxx Films, Chocolate & Chock G, Silk
Best Ethnic-Themed Video - Black: Pimpin' Nation 2, Onyxxx Films

Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I've only listed those, where it's obvious that a Hungarian person's work is awarded. Other than these, there are many movies with Hungarian stars, like Michael Ninn's Fem Dolce, or Fashion (Sins Pictures/Pleasure Productions) nominated for Best Foreign Feature. I have also not listed ones like Christophe Clark, Erik Everhard, Rocco Siffredi, who were very successful last year also and actually lived and worked in Hungary for a long time, but not Hungarians by origin... But congratulations for you too!

AVN Awards Nominations (Official List)

The winners will be announced at the Adult Entertainment Expo, which starts this Thursday. Comedian Greg Fitzsimmons will co-host the 23rd annual AVN Awards with adult star Jesse Jane on Saturday, January 7 at the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas.

23rd Annual AVN Awards Show

This year I REALLY try to be there with my camera!

2005 Retrospective

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It's been a long way till the end of 2005. I know there are many of you who are waiting for your material to be pulished, linked, mentioned, whatever... Well that's what we could provide with our limited capacity in 2005: 403 news items (many of them translated to English) and 8782 pictures in 46 galleries. We still have loads of stuff in our queue, so don't worry, we will try to give everybody the media time you all deserve. It just takes time...

So, let me collect the most important highlights of 2005 in the Hungarian pornscene:

The top 2005 list from - 2005: The Year in Review, Top 25 Stories

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